At FTVAC, we cater to resources sector across The Land Down Under and provide competitive Mining/Civil construction services. We are a privately owned contracting company that has a wealth of experience in its management team across Metalliferous & Coal mining disciplines and all related civil areas. We also provide safe and cost-effective solutions for our loyal clientele. FTVAC concentrates on the health and safety of our employees and business partners as well as contributes to the eco-friendly issues and community concerns in all its endeavours. You can contact us at any time to avail our top-notch services.

These are but a few of the large scale projects that have placed us in our current industry position.

Extensive time spent at an operational level places FMC in the unique position of having a skilled team of loyal operators on the ground, all being committed to delivering high quality services and workmanship with cost effective results for our clients. FMC personnel receive nationally recognized training from an affiliated RTO to ensure compliance with State/National regulatory requirements. FMC has the ability to fund Major Projects with support from its enterprising partnerships. Get in touch with us now for any mining or civil construction related solutions. Backed by a team of experienced, trained and skilled personnel, we can offer quality services at competitive rate. Our team will ensure every task they undertake is completed in time. In addition to having a great team, we can manage risks related to our industry. We can offer risk assessment and mitigation solutions to ensure your projects are completed without any issues or hassle. While working on projects one of our main goals is to maintain safety of everyone on site. Thus, we are reckoned in the industry.

Our thorough approach to project management permits us to seamlessly handle everything from the planning to the executing stage, leading to smooth coordination and integration. We primarily leverage innovative methodologies and advanced technologies to minimise environmental impact while optimising efficiency. Our team strives to continuously improve without overlooking sustainability, which is why we utilise the best practices and surpass the industry standards. In addition to this we encourage people to buy a sustainable business for sale in Sydney NSW , which you can find easily on one of the most reputed website for business listings, Business2sell. Regardless of whether people need help with civil construction, mining operations, or project management, FTAVIC can be your reliable partner. We have built strong relationships with our clients and meet their expectations by delivering high-quality results. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your next venture.

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Ftavic Mining & Civil and Kenjarhy Aboriginal Mining Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work in partnership at all level