Project Management

At FTAVIC we have an experienced team, dedicated to achieving the best results for FTAVIC and it's clients. We can offer all administration and engineering support for any project.

Mining & Civil

FTAVIC Specialises in water storage and process water storage facilities. We also have a vast skills base for Metalliferous & Coal mining disciplines. We offer a problem free solution to the issues on the fringe of your core business. Being a support instrument means we are always flexible with our approach.

Vegetation Management

FTAVIC works in partnership with Tobiah Tree Mulching Services. Tobiah's process is state of the art and a dream come true for ease and compliance within the Mining and Construction arenas.

Labour Hire

FTAVIC can meet all your labour requirements from labourers to professional, office staff to statutory roles. They can be placed directly to you or can be long or short terms determined by the needs of your business.


FTAVIC is a partner to Kenjarhy Aboriginal Services who as a registered training organisation (R.T.O), provides and exceeds all our training requirements.


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