FTAVIC will ensure the health and safety and wellness of all its employees and contractors associated with its activities, by understanding the needs of their people, their partners and their business.

FTAVIC's vision of an injury free workplace will be sought by:

• Ensuring safety is the foundation for all its work
• Establishing and communicating achievable goals
• Engaging its employees and partners honestly at all times
• Encouraging objectivity in its leaders and supervisors
• Embracing and communicating change as growth
• Empowering individuals to understand and take their responsibilities
• Effectively manage and review processes for continuous improvement


Ftintstone Mining & Civil is committed to the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of the Environment. We recognise our responsibility for the protection of the environment throughout all business activities.

We shall manage the activities under our control to minimise adverse impact on the environment. To achieve this, we:

• Comply with environmental legislation and legal obligation.
• Promote recycling and the economical use of resources to decrease emissions and wastage in order to prevent pollution.
• Will control our work activities via the education and innovation of our personnel to ensure accountability for optimal performance in the protection of the environment
• Act as good corporate citizens and respect community environmental values.
• Provide a consultative process to encourage our people to participate in the identification and mitigation of environmental risk
• Provide resources to establish and monitor objectives and set targets to ensure continuous improvement

Our environmental systems and procedures are integrated within our Management System so that Environmental Management, along with all our other business activities, is controlled at all stages. Our systems and procedures comply with the requirements of AS / NZS ISO 14001.


Fiintstone Mining & Civil places a high value on support and endorsement of its activities by the communities in which they operate.

Our policy in relation to those communities will be to:

• Recognise and respect the culture, values and traditions of those communities.
• Be open and honest in describing the effects that our activities might have upon them.
• Consult to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes.
• Provide opportunities to share in the benefits which flow from our activities.
• Seek to create lasting relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

Ftavic Mining & Civil will ensure that its employees and contractors give effect to this policy as well as observing the laws and regulations of the communities in which we operate.